The East Coast according to D.C. – 1978 Sunday Comics Map

Source: "The World's Greatest Superheroes" Sunday newspaper strip, 8/13/78. Art by George Tuska and Vince Colletta.

Note: We dug out this rarity after we read the comments section of a MetaFilter post about CBC – – a post that actually spent some time at the top of the list of "Most Favorited Posts of the Past 24 Hours." Wow!
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Of course Gotham is in Jersey.
There is a map of the contiguous 48 states of America from that strip. If you can find that one. It reprinted in DC's house fanzine from the seventies.

Another comic cartography site for DC Comics.

A lot of stuff's seen print since then, both in support and in contradiction of that map. Anyone else seen the Legion-era map of Metropolis from the late 1980's for one example?
This is a pre-crisis silver age map of the DCU. I would say it was earth-1. It matches the locations of Metropolis and Gotham being about 90 minutes apart over a longish bridge as per quite a few World's Finest stories.
I vaguely remember the newspaper comic strip this map came from. Just noting the later work - also set in a pre-Crisis Earth-1 context, but it was modified for continued use after both Crisis and Byrne-era modifications took effect. First showed up in Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 2 #313, if memory serves...? About the only post-Byrne change they made was allowing for Smallville being retconned from New Jersey to Kansas.
Metropolis is in Kent County Delaware on this map.

I think they last put Metropolis in Rhode Island which spreads the East Coast a bit.

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