Note on Viewing Images

Comic Book Cartography does its best to post images in a way that makes them easy to enjoy, even if you're just casually strolling through the gallery. However, almost all of our scan files are really large, because we we figure that there are maniacs like us out there, who want to dive into the details.

In response to a few questions we've received, here's the skinny on enlarging images:

Click on the image, and it will enlarge as far as it can within Posterous' default settings.

Click on the pop-up text indicating "download full size" and you WILL NOT automatically download it. At least with our browser (Safari), the image will instead open in a new window, and you can click it to full size and cruise around to your heart's content.

Of course, you can also download the images and do whatever you like with them. We don't own them. We just scan them and set them free.

Occasionally, Posterous' settings will refuse to offer any enlargement options for long vertical images. We don't know why this happens.

Thanks to all visitors, commenters, bloggers, Tweeters, robot aggregators, and others who've shown enthusiasm for our archival adventure!