The Batcave 1968 - Huge Cutaway - Batman #203

Note: This post is an upgrade of an earlier one that used a small Web image. We regret to report that Comic Book Cartography's "Batman" #203 did not survive the procedure.
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First of all-- tremendous site! You have pulled together my fondest childhood visual memories.

Re the Batcave: remarkable how the Batplane does not need a runway. I also marvel at Batman's ability to fly his copter and jet through the "cloudy effect" produced by the pictured tubes.

So much fun, though.

Awesome stuff! Here in the colonies in the '60's we could only get DC via B&W bundled reprints and never knew such a thing as full colour comics existed for years! I still have this one somewhere in fairly tattered form. Sorry to hear yours "did not survive the procedure". Keep up the good work!
Need to check out that date on the Lincoln penny... supposed to be 1947, the date the Penny Plunderers story first appeared, I believe. What''s this picture say, 1937? 1957? 1927? My eyes aren't what they once were...
Oh, so THAT's how you enlarge it.... 1937 it is in this drawing, circa 1968.
Secrets of the Batcave, 1968. As a child I was on a tour of National Periodicals Publications and snapped, with a Kodak Instamatic, a picture of Frank Springer drawing this. This was reprinted in the first printing of the trade paperback Batman in the 60's.
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