Comic Book Cartography Card Catalog


As we approach 100 posts, spread across quite a few pages, we thought it would be useful to go through our tags and make sure they're consistent and useful. So, we present seven categories that encompass every post, overlapping only when post contents cross multiple categories or when we just couldn't decide.



Diagrams (excluding all cutaways):

Panoramic Views:

Aerial Views:

Imaginary Machines (a category we expect to expand):

Oddballs (everything else):

We hope this organization enhances your viewing pleasure. "View all tags" if you'd like to slice and dice in different ways.

- The Scanagement

2 responses
Could you tag them with the artist's name as well?
We've tried to credit artists, in the posts or in the tags, but most of the older DCs, Classics Illustrated, premiums, etc., don't include an artist credit. If you can identify the artist of an uncredited panel, post a comment under it, and we'll rectify the situation. We're still looking for a great Carl Barks, Floyd Gottfredson, and George Herriman.