Praise for Comic Book Cartography

One week. 45,000 site views. Who would have guessed?

Mysterious and gorgeous new web compilation underway.  – Jonathan Lethem 

The kind of thing I could stare at all day.  – Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing

If this Comic Book Cartography blog hasn’t changed your life yet, just give it time.  – Comics Beat.

We admit – we are huge nerds for maps… which is why when we heard about Comic Book Cartography... we clicked on the hyperlink as hard as one can.     – Comics Alliance

When we saw a blog filled with vintage comic book maps and diagrams, our heads just about exploded. Warning: visit this site and your productivity for the next hour will absolutely tank.  – io9

Comic Book Cartography raises as many new questions as it answers.  – The L Magazine

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4CP | Four Color Process

"All I see is little dots."  - Talking Heads

The scans on Comic Book Cartography come from vintage comics because we love dots as much as we love diagrams. We love the cheap old four color process – which was simultaneously the barrier we struggled to see past and the space where every comic book frame opened up into infinity.

The four color process is the white noise of comics, full of hidden messages, revealing pocket universes.

Comic Book Cartography has spun off a second gallery, dedicated to these pocket universes. Dot fetishists are invited to join us at