Praise for Comic Book Cartography

One week. 45,000 site views. Who would have guessed?

Mysterious and gorgeous new web compilation underway.  – Jonathan Lethem 

The kind of thing I could stare at all day.  – Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing

If this Comic Book Cartography blog hasn’t changed your life yet, just give it time.  – Comics Beat.

We admit – we are huge nerds for maps… which is why when we heard about Comic Book Cartography... we clicked on the hyperlink as hard as one can.     – Comics Alliance

When we saw a blog filled with vintage comic book maps and diagrams, our heads just about exploded. Warning: visit this site and your productivity for the next hour will absolutely tank.  – io9

Comic Book Cartography raises as many new questions as it answers.  – The L Magazine

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